Man sentenced for overdose death of 18-month old daughter

Published 01-26-2019

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MILWAUKEE (AP) - A Wisconsin man has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for the fatal drug overdose of his 18-month-old daughter.

Robert Gibson, of West Allis, was found guilty earlier of felony chronic neglect of a child for last summer's death of Isabella Gibson, who found Gibson's Percocet pills and ate them.

Gibson told police he put his daughter to sleep the night of July 27th and discovered her lying face down in vomit the next day.

Gibson told a judge at Friday's sentencing he has no excuses. Gibson's attorney said his client was addicted to Percocet and he never intended to give his child the pills.

Judge Jeffrey Wagner told Gibson that at the time the drugs were more important to him than the welfare of his child.

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