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West Allis, Wisconsin is a centrally located town in the state of Wisconsin with a population of about 1.5 million people. There are many places where passionate football fans can watch the late game, and if you're not exploring all that Westallis has to offer, you should visit one of these ten exceptional restaurants. With four pool tables and darts (including a league), many activities can take your leisure time.

The hop and drink menu at I's has a wide selection of burgers, sandwiches, fries, salads and more. The Milwaukee rolls are made specifically at Peter Sciortino's bakery and the high-quality sirloin is supplied by a local meat supplier. Don't miss the fried cheese curd sauce, a specialty garnished with a brat with caramelized onions and cheese sauce, or the fried specialties such as fried cheese and curd cheese with sauce and garnished with brats, caramelized onions, cheese and sauce.

If you feel energetic and sporty, you can join a sand volleyball league or watch a game on one of the large HDTV sets. In fact, Hooters offers a wide range of sports - related video games like a head-to-head baseball game called "Home Run" that can be played in the bar. There are also a number of other sports-related videos and games, as well as goalkeeping updates and the provision of game-break entertainment for staff, which occasionally includes hula hoop hoops. Football and wrestling fans will particularly enjoy the events broadcast on the 50 '' television and, if they are not keen on sport, they can also watch the games on an HDTV.

If you are wading in the pool, you can contact us for more information about the pool and other activities available at Hooters of Wisconsin.

The park is connected to the rest of the park system by the oak leaf path corridor. The Hank Aaron Trail also connects the park to the Oak Leaf Trail, a corridor that runs along the west side of West Allis from the Milwaukee County Courthouse to downtown Milwaukee. Existing trail corridors include the HankAaron State Trail, which runs between the northern city limits of West Allis and downtown Milwaukee, as well as the Green Bay Park Trail and the Wisconsin River Trail.

The trail is a paved, busy road, and this section follows an on-street route north of 84th Street through McCarthy Park.

Kelly's has a small room with a basketball court, volleyball court, tennis court and football field. Facilities include a playground, basketball and tennis courts and a football pitch.

A huge screen is in front and in the middle so you can enjoy a live sporting event in the greatest possible way. There are some memorabilia in this room, but I focused on the sports memorabilia, where there is a cool selection of stuff to look at if you want. You can see that baseball had a big influence here, and a few sports memorials from the basketball and tennis courts are just around the corner. A bit of baseball, football, basketball, tennis and baseball memory devices are there anyway to keep the focus, as well as a few sporting events to sport.

In addition to the screens, the pub offers four flat-screen TVs with HDTV resolution around the clock.

Unlike the Buffalo Wild Wings, also known as BW 3 B Dubs, the location on Mayfair Road has a different layout, but the downtown location offers a constantly playable SportsCenter. Jack's American Pub in Brady has four flat-screen TVs to watch matches on the TV, including a large projector upstairs. Upstairs alone there are two HDTV screens and a projector for the game.

On a warm summer day, you can sit on the large terrace and play volleyball or enjoy an outdoor night by taking advantage of the many beer and wine options in the bar area. You can also take one or two beers, as well as a bottle of wine, beer or wine and a glass of beer.

Whether you're watching a game or hanging out with friends, Izzy's Hops is a great place to grab a bite and a brew.

At Brewski's Sports Club you can watch your favourite team on several TV screens, throw back a few drinks and enjoy a daily meal. The atmosphere is great, especially during baseball, with signed baseballs and other memorabilia filling the walls. Enjoy eating, drinking, playing and of course sports, but it's all about the drinks.

For over 20 years Steny's has been offering a fun and varied experience, becoming an icon of Walker's Point, as well as a great place to watch a game. Add live sports - like features and excitement - and you have an arena named after one of Wisconsin's most popular sports teams, the Wisconsin Badgers.

The Upper 90's may no longer call this venue home, but Pistol Pete's still offers a great atmosphere with attached cigar and scotch bar. Point Burger Bar & Express is the place to be in this downtown corner, filling the menu with super stacked burgers, hot dogs, fries and more.

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More About West Allis