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Learn more about the city's past by visiting the West Allis Museum of Art and History and the Wisconsin Historical Society. Learn about our restaurants, restaurants and shops by eating in West Allis or visit our list of the best restaurants and grocery stores in the city for more information. Visit the Milwaukee Public Library, Wisconsin State Library and Milwaukee County Library for the latest news and information on local events and events.

The park opened in fall 2014 and is located on the west side of West Allis, north of the Milwaukee County Courthouse. The park is located at the intersection of North Main Street and West Main Avenue in the city center.

Hundreds of events take place in the park every year, with events such as concerts, art exhibitions, concerts and other events. Also in West Allis are the Milwaukee County Courthouse, the Wisconsin State Capitol and the US Capitol.

There are many opportunities for outdoor games for families who like to skate, swim and swim, as well as outdoor activities for children. Communal gardens are available, as well as outdoor recreational activities such as hiking, cycling, swimming, canoeing, fishing, kayaking and snowshoeing. Offshore recreation is plentiful in West Allis, from private spas to outdoor recreational facilities. There are plenty of opportunities for the family - love, ice skating, swimming and swimming for children. Outdoor recreation, a communal garden is available at the Milwaukee County Courthouse and Wisconsin State Capitol.

Whether you're a resident or a visitor, take time to rediscover WestAllis and find something new that you love. The West Allis Public Library, Milwaukee County Courthouse and Wisconsin State Capitol are all located around the city, making it a great place for family-friendly activities and events.

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Listen to the president of the society, Devan Gracyalny, introduce the community to the history of West Allis. Talk about how we came to our name and talk about our history and how it came to be called, as well as some of our favorite items.

Stutley I. Henderson, whose family was one of the original settlers in the area, named the Edward P. Allis Company (later "Allis - Chalmers Manufacturing Company") after he sold his land as the site for his new plant. The Alles Company sold a 1,000-acre lot on the east side of South 56th Street to the city for $25,000. At this location, the construction of a huge plant began, which served as a spur line between the two railway lines. Much of this housing growth has taken place along the boundary of the county, which is now South of 56th Street, and the AllIS property was sold by I. Henderson and Charles allis for the locations of their new plants.

More About West Allis

More About West Allis