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Throughout the month of March, we serve fun items, bars, clubs and drinks, including wine, beer, spirits, cocktails, food and more from across the state of Wisconsin. West Allis likes to eat and hopes you'll sit at the table with us, but food here is limited and wine lovers know where to go. The great thing about a city with such a wide variety of wines and food for the wine lover is that you can bring food that you can enjoy with your wine from the market vendors.

There are plenty of West Allis drinking spots here, but some of our favourites haven't made it onto the list yet, so here are some favourites. Natty Oaks offers a wide selection of Milwaukee Brewing Co. "s locally brewed beers, as well as seasonal beers. Craft beer fans will love the selection, even from across the country, and the seasonal selection is cult-like.

Learn more about the restaurants, restaurants and shops in the city by dining in West Allis, with our guide to the best restaurants and grocery stores in the city and a list of our favorite restaurants in Milwaukee.

Wisconsin State Fair Park is located in West Allis near Milwaukee and is operated by the Wisconsin State Fair Board. Hundreds of events are held in the park each year, from the annual state fair to the Milwaukee County Fair, the state's largest one-day event.

Urban Joe's offers a variety of fresh, scratch-resistant foods, many of which are organic and gluten-free, as well as coffee and alcoholic drinks, including the popular Bloody Mary. Brewmaster Dave Bass makes his own beer, which means you can sip the beer while the food is higher than a typical bar snack. They offer over 30 different whiskey, bourbon and Scotch varieties and have 50 to 60 different taps.

They give an insight into the prevailing corner pub of the past and remind of the many old bars that are now closed. He added that he did not believe the bar had a negative impact on Notre Dame School, which is directly across the street. He also said it had limited people's ability to host friends, as they used to make their own food and drink choices. The fact that the new bar can be leased and operated by locals and others who don't live in the neighborhood is a welcome change from the days when bars held block-watch meetings and Christmas dinners, Ward said.

The other reason, according to historians, publishers and others, is deindustrialization, which has led to fewer customers. Crime on the south side, especially in the taverns, has contributed to a plethora of pub closures in the neighbourhood. According to the Wisconsin State Bar Association, between 40 and 85 pubs in West Milwaukee have closed since the early 1990s, including 53,215 in recent years. A full list of Wisconsin's taverns and the number of bars in each area is included on the accompanying map.

After the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling, companies were told they could reopen immediately, and many did. Still, the Tavern League of Wisconsin encourages bars to follow the reopening guidelines, including requiring employees to wear masks, strengthen hygiene standards and keep the bar clean and safe for guests and employees. Find out why they closed during this period and tell us what you are telling us on Facebook.

Keep an eye on the Wisconsin Tavern League's website and Facebook page for more information on the reopening of bars and restaurants in the state.

If you are in the town of West Allis, you will probably come across a bar or classic tavern that you will not find anywhere else in Wisconsin. If you're looking for a great evening that includes cheap drinks, good food, good beer and wine, the Camp Bar is the place to be. This simple tavern in West Allis is perfect for regulars, playing pool, fighting back with board games, drinking inexpensive drinks, chatting with regulars and dancing the night away. Football season or not, come and visit the camp bar on Sunday afternoon and don't hesitate to drop by, they pull out all the stops to throw a fun party.

The dimly lit lounge offers perfect seating and a fully stocked bar serving beer, wine and mixed drinks. Equipped with a large bar, chairs, tables and chairs and plenty of seating, this narrow tavern offers natural light and excellent drinks menus. Beautiful wooden booths adorn the room and bar area and are perfect for drinking, dancing and listening to the occasional live music.

Italian liqueur with vanilla and citrus fruits, Paulie's sells everything from beer and wine to pretzels from the pretzel factory Ballpark. Wisconsin is nowhere else in the United States with its great beer, wine, food and entertainment options.

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