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The Wisconsin Department of Transportation, based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is the government agency overseeing Milwaukee's transportation system and infrastructure. Here's what to watch for when visiting Milwaukee and what to watch out for at the Wisconsin State Museum and other Wisconsin museums.

The Blue Star Museum offers free admission to members of the National Guard and Reserve, including the U.S. Air Force, National Marine Corps and U.S. Army Reserve.

Visit the US Air Force, National Marine Corps and National Army Reserve at the Blue Star Museum and National Guard and Reserve Museum.

The Amtrak Hiawatha train offers seven daily round trips between Milwaukee and Chicago, so start planning your trip with transportation options. Take the train or find your way out of Westin Milwaukee Downtown. Since GO Riteway is the exclusive transportation provider for Milwaukee Airport, it is easy to purchase a ticket for a flight from Milwaukee to Chicago or from Chicago to New York City or even vice versa.

To schedule a visit to Discovery World, call 414-765-9966 or make an appointment by calling our office at 414-287-2789. Enjoy the rest of your vacation in Milwaukee and see you again next year at the Wifi - Free, Open Air exhibit at the Wisconsin Museum of Natural History, the Milwaukee Zoo.

If you're in the Chippewa Valley, visit the Wisconsin Natural History Museum, the Milwaukee Zoo and the Wisconsin State Fair. While you were there at Stevens Point, I also liked the semi-semi fiber arts in nearby Cedarburg. And last but not least, visit the Wisconsin Museum of Quilts and, of course, Discovery World.

Brew City MKE has a beer bar with an impressive selection of local beers and beer bars. Another attraction not to be missed are Storybrook Gardens on the outskirts of the city, where the Over and Beyond Children's Museum is located. This place is located right in the heart of downtown Milwaukee, just blocks from the Wisconsin State Fair.

From guided tours, theatre performances and wall art, the Railway Museum is a great place to travel back in time. The Milwaukee County Zoo is one of the most popular landmarks in Milwaukee and is located just blocks from the Wisconsin State Fair on the west side of the city. This place is famous to locals and visitors alike, but is also right next to the Milwaukee Public Museum and Museum of Natural History. It has also entertained and informed visitors to the downtown area for generations, and informed them about the history and culture of Wisconsin and its people.

For more information or to learn more about the RSVP, visit the Wisconsin Veterans Museum website or call 608-266-1009 or visit the museum's website. Wisconsin has a lot of history, so plan to check out the top 10 museums in Wisconsin for informative and fun weekend activities. We try to keep this list up to date, but it is best to check with the museums directly for their lessons and other information. If you know of historic houses or museums across Wisconsin that should be listed here, please use our submission form to let us know.

The Veterans Museum in Wisconsin: For more information or to learn more about the RSVP, call 608-266-1009 or visit the museum's website.

Door-to-door shuttles are available through Riteway Transport Group, which operates services to southeastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois, including Chicago, under the name Andrus Limousine, a member of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. The suite has an enclosed waiting area, a private dining room and a private bathroom with shower, toilet, shower cubicle and toiletries. With more than 30 years of experience in the limousine industry, Andus Limouine provides exceptional car service and limousine service to a variety of destinations in Southeastern Wisconsin, including Milwaukee, Madison, Milwaukee County, Waukesha, Racine County and Manitowoc County.

If you're looking for a great place to look around Milwaukee, visit the Milwaukee Public Museum. Inside the museum you can explore the architectural relics recovered from West Allis "past and appreciate the city's history and that of an important industrial centre. While there, don't miss the network of kids - friendly museums and attractions scattered across the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. If you've read this story, what should be on your list and what do you appreciate at the West Wisconsin Museum of Natural History and Art in Madison?

Many of the exhibits have changed in the last year, but here is a list of what to consider next time you visit. It's the first children's museum I've visited in Wisconsin, and I'm very excited to be back in a few years.

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